Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

Fresh Brewed Lion Coffee $2.25
 Ask for Flavor of the Day


Espresso Shot $2.25
  Cappuccino $3.25
  Cafe Latte $3.25
  Cafe Mocha $3.25
  Iced Mocha $3.25
  Hot Chocolate $2.50
  Iced Coffee $3.25
Add syrup for 35¢- Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Amaretto


Hot Tea
Variety of Regular & Decaf Teas
  Iced Frappes (Made Fresh to Order)


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Due to a lack of business from the Corona-19 outbreak, we are forced to suspend our services temporarily. 

As we monitor the situation closely, we would have a better idea when we can resume operations.

We love all our customers and appreciate all their support. May God keep all our families safe and healthy.

For catering orders in case of emergency.

Please call Joe at 619 980-3333